Vatican museum, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Cathedral

On Monday Oct. 15th, 2012 we had a big day Visiting Vatican City.

map to Vatican city

You can print out map for directions to Vatican city when you purchase your ticket on line

For some reason God must have thought that we needed to be cleansed before entering the Vatican museum as he released a torrent of rain upon us. It was as if he dropped buckets of water over our heads. We were drenched going from the bus to the entrance of the museum. In Italy it can come down so suddenly and the water rushes down the sidewalks and gutters. In the autumn  an umbrella is useless, you really should have some plastic to put on like a poncho and plastic boots, even if they look awful.

Vatican museum ticket

ticket for Vatican Museum

Because i had purchased our tickets on-line along with our entry time we only had to pass through security, show our passport and trade our printed voucher for a ticket.

Don’t just show up as even in low season the lines can be crazy. I lost my husband but a really nice Italian lady saved my place while I went back to find him.

Line up to Vatican post office

Line up to Vatican post office

map of Vatican musrum

lay out map of Vatican museum

You can pick up a layout map of the museum.

Then the sun came out and we sat in the courtyard and dried off. There was a feeling that maybe we had been given a fresh start for the day. All the rushing in the rain left us in a high energy mood and this was very calming.  It was very peaceful to sit there and just take it all for time.

Court  yard at Vatican museum

First Court yard after entering the Vatican museum

Vatican garden

Looking at the Vatican garden

A ticket can be purchased to include the gardens also and as much as I love to stroll through these peaceful places, physically it would be too much to include in one day ( for me). To view a glimpse of it left me wanting more but it will have to wait for a return visit.

If you have a chance, do go see the Vatican museum. If you love art, you will not be disappointed. I especially liked the Raphael room and the maps. We wandered through many other rooms including, ceramics, Roman antiquities, and tapestries…the museum is vast.

 Vatican museum art

Vatican museum art

Vatican museum art

Vatican museum art

 art on ceiling- Vatican museum

Vatican museum

Ceiling of map room- Vatican museum

Ceiling of map room- Vatican museum

pine cone in court yard vatican museum

pine cone in court yard vatican museum

Vatican museum-court yard of the pine cone

We rested while having an inexpensive lunch in the modern cafeteria  of pizza and sandwiches. The washroom was very nice and clean.

Then another dream came true for me…we went into the Sistine Chapel.

The paintings were much brighter than I had expected. It always amazes me at how it takes my breath away and sometimes brings tears to my eyes seeing familiar works of art up close for the first time. I was concerned about not being able to look up without falling over but it was taken care of for me. I was grateful when I saw the seats. There are benches with plastic backs that you could rest against in order to view the ceiling.

They very generously allowed cameras without flash everywhere except the Sistine chapel as this is a very sacred place. It amazed me that they had to announce this as people just would not follow this rule.

I had to be selective of course as to what museums and galleries that we would visit on this trip. There are always the time constraints and I am not one to rush around just to tick it off some list. I thought if there was one thing in Rome, that I would regret if I missed it, than that is what I need to purchase tickets for. The Sistine chapel was it.

You can go out after this but we continued onto Saint Peters cathedral from the chapel.

St Peters cathedral - holy water

St Peters cathedral – holy water

Alter St Peters Cathedral

Alter St Peters Cathedral

Like all churches St. Peters is free so even if you don’t purchase tickets to the museum or Sistine Chapel you can line up outside the church. The lines are long but move quickly.

St Peters Cathedral Vatican city

St Peters Cathedral

Bernini's fountain

Bernini’s fountain

Swiss guards

Swiss guards

Then we looked around the city and did some shopping and ate. It is a very well kept place with lovely shops and restaurants. We rested in a little park and then took the number 23 bus home.

Vatican stamps make a nice souvenir

Vatican stamps make a nice souvenir

It was another great…but very long day.

For a list of sections in the museum here is the official web page

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