Cowichan Bay a cittaslow community – part 1

Have you ever found a gem of a place, close to home, that previously you never knew existed? That’s what I found last week on a visit to Cowichan Bay BC …cittaslow the first slow city in North America.

Cowichan bay Oceanfront suites

Cowichan bay BC Canada view from my room patio at Oceanfront suites

This was a business trip for my husband and as I can work from home or anywhere, I was able to join him. We stayed at Oceanfront suites in a one bedroom. Really nice for me as it was an efficiency suite. There was a nice pool that I swam in everyday. I met a nice friendly lady that told me about the aqua aerobic class and since I was going to be there at one of the class times I joined them. There was a  $7.00 drop in or free to guests of the hotel. This was my first time doing this kind of activity and I really enjoyed it. The instructor was very nice and explained everything well.

Waterside of Oceanfront suites Cowichan Bay

View looking at the water side of Oceanfront suites Cowichan Bay BC Canada

While out for our first evening walk my spouse said , It reminds him of a village in France  and at first I wasn’t so sure about that comment. After spending a few days wandering around I agree with him…there was something about the quality of life. It is a wonderful old fashion community. Maybe they were able to keep it this way, because as luck would have it they were bypassed by the Island highway. Everyone seemed so happy and friendly and the shopkeepers so helpful. We picked up essentials including a bottle of wine at the Market.

The next day I checked out the local shops.

Vickers art gallery

Vickers art gallery



In the front of Naked mermaid massage is a neat store with all kinds of wonderful collectibles.

DSC02199-1Naked mermaid Aromatherapy massage

Naked mermaid Aromatherapy massage Cowichan bay BC Canada

The Naked mermaid has a great view from the massage table and they also sell natural make-up.

Naked mermaid

Naked mermaid Natural health and beauty

Purchased some great cheese and hand-made crackers.

Hilary's cheese

Hilary’s cheese

True grain bread really fascinated me they mill the flour on site from old varieties of grain. I picked up their pamphlets and in them they write about gluten and modern wheat. Learn how humans have changed wheat and about grains before hybridization. This explains why I have less trouble with inflammation because of  Rheumatoid arthritis when eating bread in countries like Italy.

True grain bread is like an old world European style bakery. ..fresh and organic.

True grain bread

True grain bread

true grain bread

Bread counter at true grain bread

Besides bread I bought a bag wonderful ginger cookies.


True grain bread mill and sell flour on site

coffee or tea with goodies

Have coffee or tea with your goodies

I had a nice cup of organic tea and an apple strudel for breakfast.

When I was exiting the back door I noticed this sign that explained why this town gave off such good vibes. It lays out the rules they follow that lets them belong to an international network of towns where quality of life is paramount.

cittaslow sign

cittaslow sign

The more I find out about this town the more I like it.  When I got home I investigated more and found a list of these communities. It turns out that I have been to another one of these on the list…The wonderful town of Greve in Italy.

Have you ever visited a cittaslow community? I would love to hear about your experience.

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