2011 New years in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

from first floor balcony

I have just returned from my annual trip to Puerto Vallarta. I always have a wonderful time. I also feel very good there as the warm weather helps my health. This year I was able to stay for 5 weeks.

My sister lives there full time so it is nice to visit with her.

This year was a big celebration of the revolution for Mexico so they invested a lot of money to make the New year party extra wonderful. Like every year we watched fireworks and danced in the street!

My goal is to spend the whole winter there every year.

We own a condo on the south shore. We have it listed with home exchange. When I have more money and time freedom I would like to make more exchanges.


Do you have similar aspirations and can you share how you are making it happen.

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I am an artist, that also loves to bake, cook, write, garden, decorate and take photos. I have dabbled in all kinds of crafts and business. My passion is travel; I travel and manage my websites. www.travel-tips-packing-luggage.com and nu-groovy.com "With direction in one hand and passion in the other, my hands are always full of possibilities." ~ unknown
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4 Responses to 2011 New years in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  1. Brandi says:

    What kind of extra things did they incorporate into the New Years celebration to honor the revolution?


    • Thank you for your question Brandi.

      The New year party is always wonderful, but this year was the best ever. The extra effort put in because of the celebration of the independence and the end of the revolution was to show the world that Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a world class travel destination. There is a fresh new look to the city and they launched the new official web site, this is actually a year long celebration. (independence from Spain 1810 – end of revolution 1910)


      They had a full ½ hour of fireworks at midnight set along the different regions of the malecon. Then again at 2:00a.m. after the street party they set off more fireworks. I did not make it to the second one but the first was very spectacular.

      There was more entertainment this year and world class D.J.‘s. The mega stage at the Malecon had a 15.000 watt sound system, there was led lighting, robotics and lasers and 4 mega screens. All along the Malecon there were music assorted dances and circus performances. The event attracted around 20,000 people to the historic district.

      For a detailed account of the party this is a good webpage



  2. Brandi says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the link!
    I feel there’s alot of misconceptions in regards to Mexico as a travel destination right now because the media is constantly depicting it as dangerous drug territory. I know a few people who have chosen other places to vacation (such as Cuba) because they’re fearful that westerners aren’t safe there.
    Since you’ve been traveling there for quite some time, have you noticed Puerto Vallarta become any less safe?
    I feel like the media is giving a slightly inaccurate report because people seem to think the entire country of Mexico is a land of crime right now, and due to the news coverage on this topic have you noticed a decline in tourists in the area that you go to?


    • Yes, I believe that the number of tourists from North America was down in the last couple of years. Many things caused this including the perception of high crime. Other things like the swine flu, hurricanes off the Baja and the U.S. coast, fires on cruise ships have also played its part.

      I think that Puerto Vallarta will rebound from this. They had over 20,000 people watch the New Year fire works with no incidents.

      I think that you are correct in stating that the news media has played a large role in this with their coverage. Puerto Vallarta had no swine flu. It was concentrated in the Mexico City area. There were more people that died from flu in Canada and the U.S every year than in Mexico.

      As far as the drug wars go, Puerto Vallarta has only had a few incidents. Oddly enough one of those involved two young Canadian men. They were executed outside there condo where they lived. One of them returned fire but was also overtaken. No one knew their means of support and they were known to the Kamloops police in Canada. They had cocaine related charges.

      It is true that the president of Mexico cracked down on the cartels from Columbia heading to the U.S. starting a few years ago. He claims to have eradicated over 6 of them. It has been very bloody but mostly in the boarder cities, and gulf region not in Puerto Vallarta. Vancouver has had dozens of drug war related executions and people caught in cross fire in the last few years, many more than Puerto Vallarta.

      Violent crime has always been very low in Puerto Vallarta and I still feel very safe.

      I think it is better to fly directly into Puerto Vallarta than to drive . Also I think of course that no one is immune to having something happen to them randomly. One should always be cautious.


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