Working in my garden

lilly of the valley-my garden

Lilly of the valley from my garden

The sun is out and it is going to be a beautiful week-end.


After the days of cloud this is a very welcome event. There is no other place on earth I would rather be than in my little corner of the world on a day like this. In fact I usually don’t travel too far from here in the summer. Last year we were getting ready to leave for Paris about this time but we were back by July 3rd.


I was told by my doctor I would never be able to garden again. Well here I am and I have been gardening for about 3 years now. I don’t do as much as I used to as Al does the bulk of the work. We only have a tiny little piece of garden in the front of our house and strips up the side. The back is mostly undeveloped and wild. I have a container garden on my deck.


I feel really good getting my hands in the dirt and being out in the fresh air.


The lilacs have been out for a while and the roses and lilies have started to bloom. My herbs like oregano and chives and thyme are doing very well. I use these in my cooking, they taste great and have a lot of healing properties. The azaleas, tulips and cherry blossoms are finished.


I think everyone should have a little bit of a garden even if it is a few pots in the house or on the patio. We have a lot of containers on the deck and it is very pleasant to sit out there and have a cup of tea. Also a few years ago I stopped doing art shows but I was always able to go out and paint pictures of plants from my garden.


If you have inflammation in your joints do not give up. It can be turned around and I am sure you could do a little gardening again.


Do you have a garden and do you enjoy it?


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I am an artist, that also loves to bake, cook, write, garden, decorate and take photos. I have dabbled in all kinds of crafts and business. My passion is travel; I travel and manage my websites. and "With direction in one hand and passion in the other, my hands are always full of possibilities." ~ unknown
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