A free education and it’s not just for baby-boomers!

Everyone is very upset these days because of the high cost of education, but did you know that it is available online for free? Baby-boomers love to learn and many continue learning new subjects throughout their lives. As I mentioned in a previous post you can do this through Khan Academy or many universities have free online courses.


Even if you desire a degree you can obtain one with very little money. I am not talking about a cheesy fake degree. This is a legitimate degree from respected universities and colleges.

Are you putting off going to university or college because you don’t want to end up with thousands of dollars in debt? This would also work well for someone who is physically challenged or a stay at home mother.

Anyone young or old can get a low-cost degree or a free education on-line. Lots of universities and colleges offer online degree programmes and while this is less expensive it is not free, however; there are ways to do it for almost free.


If you want a degree you can write a CLEP exam for under $100.

Want some credit for your past experience check this out and maybe it will give you a head start.


If you want a very low-cost degree here are the steps you will need to take

1. Choose a university or college.

2. Make sure that your chosen university or college accepts CLEP exams.

3. Choose a degree.

4. Take the required courses.

5. Find a location near you to take the CLEP exam.


6. Take CLEP exams.

7. Transfer your credits to your university.

8. Take any subjects you need to take on site e.g. Labs at the university to get the remaining course credits for the degree.

9. Tell your friends.

10. Plan your graduation party.

And Voila! You have obtained a very low-cost education.

If you just want to have fun pick subjects that you are passionate about.

If we ever stop using a monetary based society, everyone could follow their passion. If you want to succeed in the world as is, especially if you are starting out in life and want to be hired in a financially rewarding occupation, choose a career were there is a demand in the marketplace.



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I am an artist, that also loves to bake, cook, write, garden, decorate and take photos. I have dabbled in all kinds of crafts and business. My passion is travel; I travel and manage my websites. www.travel-tips-packing-luggage.com and nu-groovy.com "With direction in one hand and passion in the other, my hands are always full of possibilities." ~ unknown
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