I get migraines but I still need chocolate!

Well , I haven’t been on-line in a few days because I had a migraine. It is another wonderful reason that I have my travel website, as it goes on without me! I do not have to go to work if I don’t feel like it.
I decided to make migraines my next topic, as it may be of assistance to others that have this problem.
 I know that you can get a migraine from a drop in the barometric pressure, too much sun, and stress but I find most of mine can be traced back to food. It seems to start in my stomach! I try to eat as clean as I can but even then some food triggers them.

Most people who get migraines know that they should avoid nuts, chocolate, citrus, yellow cheese, too much coffee and wine to name a few. You may also like to know that you should avoid processed foods.

I find that I also get them from foods and beverages containing sulphites, msg and certain chemicals. If I have trouble knowing what an ingredient is then I tend to stay away from it.

 No one wants to give up chocolate completely and forever. Here is what I have found. I can eat some types of chocolate in moderation. I ate Luderee chocolates when I was in Paris last year and brought some home with me with no problems. I can eat Z chocolat a French brand. I also ate chocolate at the French Riviera café in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. They make them on site and import the ingredients from France. I can eat Cacao Berry. I buy their Dark chocolate, couveture Tanzanie, original 100% pure coco butter ,75 % min cocoa in little wafers. They are great for drizzling and decoration.

I can eat Bernard Callebaut cooking squares if I use them to make deserts rather than eating it pure and not too concentrated. Like Chocolate mouse or cake.

No matter what the brand… I cannot eat fillings of fruit as dried fruit almost always contains sulphites unless stated otherwise. I also stay away from liquor fillings.

I have not found any brand of chocolate chips that I can eat.

I drink coffee but only one or two cups a day.

For wine I can drink any pure Chianti from Italy, Villa Teresa organics from Italy, Blue nun and most German Rieslings, cipes and most wine from summer hill wines (organic) in British Columbia Canada. Now I have tried some other organic wines with no success. So Organic still has sulphites in most cases as they put this in the ground. I drank a couple of mouthfuls of a French organic and that was enough to set off a really bad migraine.

In all cases please only drink one or two small glasses at a time as even a small amount of sulphites can give one a problem. Wine is good for you just like Chocolate. We can indulge once in a while and only in moderation as long as you do not have an allergy to these foods or beverages. If you already have a headache of course don’t go near it!

What favourite brands have you found?

I am not trying to replace medical advice. Please check with your health care practitioner before trying anything that I am suggesting on this page.

The Canadian government has decided to label foods with sulfites. This has made it easier for people that suffer from migraines.

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