Sunny day in Victoria, B.C.

Free entertainment in Victoria, B.C.

Enjoying the free entertainment in Victoria, B.C.

We went to Victoria a couple of weeks ago for  business. It was a sunny Sunday.  We have been to Victoria many times before for week-long getaways but this time it was just for the day. We were very lucky as it turned out very warm for this time of year. It seemed more like August than September.

I haven’t been to Victoria in a couple of years and I almost forgot how really nice it is. We decided to go to Murchie’s for tea. Lots of other people were heading for the same place. A lot of the senior couples were dressed very nicely, women in dresses men in jackets.

I liked the way the young  people were dressed also. Then I realized that I liked their style because everything this year seems to be retro 1970’s. I remembered wearing some very similar outfits. I would like to wear them again. The sun dresses looked cool and comfortable. Baby boomers may want to wear a sleeve and have them at knee-length but I think we could pull it off.

Dressed in Sunday best.

Couple strolling to Murchies for tea.

Victoria is a very British type of city in North America. It was a previous colony. Even today there are still a lot of the old shops that sell Irish linens and British goods but I noticed that many have closed since my last visit and have been replaced by  souvenir shops. Not to worry there was not enough change to spoil it so you will still feel the old world atmosphere.

They still have lots of British style pubs and the Empress still serves high tea it is expensive but we went a couple of times . It is worth it to do this at least once. You can take a horse-drawn buggy or the hop on hop off bus to get around but I find that it is really much better just to walk. It is a very easy city to get around in and the traffic is crazy in the downtown. This time of year is off-season but still quite busy.

Riding in a horse and carriage

Around Victoria in a horse and carriage

Their was a great market with salmon grilling and lots of organic vegetables, crafts and live entertainment. We really enjoyed strolling around and looking at all the stalls. I was tempted to buy a mask for the upcoming ball but thought it may be better to wait until I go to Venice.

Th Royal B.C. museum usually has great exhibits and in the past we saw one on  Whaling, Egypt, and Leonardo da Vinci along with the IMAX show. The inner harbor is always full of activity and you can go whale watching.

This time after we finished with our business, we just enjoyed the rest of the day strolling around eating and people watching. If you want to reduce stress as you age this is a great way to accomplish that. Spend a day in a nearby city as a tourist. It is so relaxing.

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