Feel youthful to enjoy travel.

I think you may enjoy this video from Nuskin/Pharmanex. I started taking vitality and it definitely improved my energy level.

I don’t know about you but I try to do everything I can to look and feel younger other than surgery or putting poison in me like Botox.

I find that nu skin products are the best and I have been using and distributing them since the early 1990’s. I take my galvanic spa with me on all my travels. I also take fish oil to reduce inflammation and vitality for more energy.

I agree with Joseph Chang, in his book “The aging myth” that it is not that some people have good genes, we all have good genes, it is the way we express them that makes a difference.

Of course one must also get moving. I like natural exercise like walking, swimming, and dancing. We have to do what works for us as individuals.

I try to eat a balanced diet with smaller portions and cut out foods that cause inflammation. Even if one does not have arthritis or any inflammatory disease,  cutting foods that cause inflammation will make one look younger.

Cut out all toxic junk food and other forms of toxins from your life. That includes toxic people. We need to be happy and grateful for what we have. I started a gratitude journal a few years ago and it was one of the very best things that I ever did.

We also need to keep our stress level down. Find work that we enjoy and take as many vacations as possible. Sometimes I just take a mini vacation in my hometown or a nearby city. I reduced my stress considerably when I started working from home doing what I am passionate about.

If we baby boomers want to live longer, keep enjoying our life and keep travelling we must start taking better care of ourselves.

About babyboomersmusings

I am an artist, that also loves to bake, cook, write, garden, decorate and take photos. I have dabbled in all kinds of crafts and business. My passion is travel; I travel and manage my websites. www.travel-tips-packing-luggage.com and nu-groovy.com "With direction in one hand and passion in the other, my hands are always full of possibilities." ~ unknown
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