Outside my door in Paris

Rue Delambre was the name of the street where I rented my vacation apartment in Paris. It was perfect! It had everything I could have imagined and more.

It was located up a quiet side street in Montparnasse between the 6th and 14th arrondissments, a very lively residential area of Paris. What attracted me to this part of the city was the fact that it was located on the left bank where intellectuals’ artists and writers of the past met lived or worked, like Picasso and Sartre. It was a short walk to the beautiful Luxembourg gardens.

Luxembourg gardens

Chair at Luxembourg gardens

Medici fountain Luxembourg gardens

Medici fountain Luxembourg gardens

There are many cafes and restaurants, some very famous nearby. The Rosebud across the street was like stepping into the past. Le Dome was on the corner, La Couple on Montparnasse, creperies a few blocks away and Café La Rotonde not far.

Cafe Montparnasse Paris

Cafe Montparnasse Paris

The American dingo bar now Auberge de Venise next door was the meeting place for Hemmingway and Fitzgerald.

Fresh fish was available at Poisssonnerie du Dome, and a Nicolas wine shop and fromages delambre just below us.

Section stained glass window poissonnerie de Dome Paris

Section stained glass window poissonnerie de Dome Paris

Yes, there was even art in the windows of the fish market!

We also found rotisserie chicken, patisserie shops, a small grocery and street markets with produce.

Weekly market Edgar Quinet market Paris

Weekly market Edgar Quinet market Paris

Le Dome Paris

Le Dome Paris

We dinned at Bistrot du Dome located across the street, a place where you find lots of locals unlike the famous Le Dome on the corner that mostly attracted tourists and was more expensive.

Under the awning at Bistrot du Dome

Under the awning at Bistrot du Dome

On the way home from the park we stopped very often for some very delicious gelato.

Amorin gelato Paris

Amorin gelato Paris

The area had great bus stops and the best metro connections. There are three main metro stops nearby, Vavin Metro number 4, Montparnasse-Bienvenue no12, which is a large station with many connections to other lines, and Edgar Quinet no 6. They got us everywhere we wanted to go as there were stops near most sites in the city.

Transit maps posted at bus stops Paris

Transit maps posted at bus stops Paris

We had a pleasant walk around the cemetery Montparnasse. It was like a park with streets you could go through for short cuts to other areas.

Montparnasse cemetary Paris

Montparnasse cemetary Paris

The tour Montparnasse was also within walking distance. The building is so high you can see it from almost anywhere in Paris. We celebrated our anniversary on the 56th floor in the restaurant Ciel de Paris with views of the Eiffel tower at sunset.

There are many museums and points of interest in the area and if you wanted you could spend a whole vacation just exploring this section of the city.

I would definitely recommend this area.

Everything has been figured out, except how to live.
Jean-Paul Sartre
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13 Responses to Outside my door in Paris

  1. Great photos! I will be in Paris from Friday, May 11 to 15; I love Paris and it is always a pleasure to go back………..

  2. Christina says:

    Your photos capture the magic of walking through Paris. How wonderful to be able to eat french foods AND eat gelato. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts soon.
    Christina at Loving-life.me

  3. Carolyn says:

    Love this post! On my very first trip to Paris, our hotel was on rue Delambre. Indeed a great location and your words and photos capture it beautifully.

    Cheers and happy travels.

  4. How awesome was that vacation! I would love to have a little apartment in France instead of a hotel. I felt like I was there. Ahhhh… sounds lovely.
    Thanks for the visit over at my blog too 🙂 CTB

  5. You should try apartment rentals it really makes you feel as if you live there. When ever we travel now for more than a week we do this. There are lots of ways to get an apartment. We sometimes trade our timeshare and now we are starting to use home exchange.

  6. You made Paris come alive with your photos and description. Great job!

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