Does this describe you? The Eiffel Tower is on the bucket list but you’re a baby boomer with some challenges

Are you a baby-boomer, a bit challenged physically, but have the Eiffel tower on your bucket list? I know this is not as exciting as someone that wants to climb Kilimanjaro or run a marathon but it can be daunting for some. This was me back in 2010. I new that I could not climb the stairs to the top and even though some would say it is a very touristy thing to do, it was on my list.

Entering under Eiffel Tower

Under the Eiffel tower

The way around this of course is to ride up in the elevator. The other problem is standing in line to purchase tickets and then another line for security and entrance.

I found that the best way around all these small difficulties of course was to plan ahead. If you can then do as I did and go a little off season, buy your ticket on-line and make a reservation for your time of day to enter it, makes it much easier.

I booked at 9:00 A.M. to be in the first group. Certain times of year 9:30 A.M are the first entry time, just check at the website.

I rested a bit for a couple of days before-hand.

Trocadero from up in Eiffel Tower

Trocadero viewed from Eiffel tower

We went by metro to the Trocadero station and walked across the bridge towards the tower so we could get a nice view of it ahead of time. You can also get there by bus and boat. We did the boat the night before to see it light up.

Eiffel Tower had lots of places to rest

Bistro table and chairs in Eiffel tower.

If you dilly dally on the way up like I did you might defeat the purpose.  I stopped to get a beverage at the snack shop and the hoards of tourist were right on my trail. Had I taken a few minutes longer I would have ended up in a line for the elevator to go up to the next floor!

Looking at the Seine from Tour Eiffel

Looking down at the Seine from the Eiffel tower

Don’t skip doing this; it was really worth it as the view is spectacular and just seeing it from the ground is not near as nice. We didn’t have the best weather or we would have picnicked in the park afterward. We had lunch at a café nearby.

You can see the Tour Montparnasse in the distance.

View from Eiffel Tower with tour Montparnasse in the distance

Go to there official website and buy your ticket and make a reservation and then you can cross it off your bucket list like I did. There is no waiting for the ticket to be delivered to your home you simply print it out and take it with you.

I was able to walk around, after we came back down to the ground, and enjoy the rest of the day because I didn’t wear myself out doing this one activity.

This is also good advice for anyone that has limited time in Paris. Why waste it in line ups. You can even book ahead if you are taking the stairs.

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5 Responses to Does this describe you? The Eiffel Tower is on the bucket list but you’re a baby boomer with some challenges

  1. megtraveling says:

    Great photos and tips! It’s definitely a trip worth taking 🙂


  2. Terrific photos, and good for you!


  3. Debra Kolkka says:

    I climbed it once a few years ago. I think it is time do it again. Thanks for all the good tips.


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