Street food in Vancouver, Canada

I know I am getting ready to go to Italy but I needed to go Vancouver for a couple of days. The weather was glorious and it seemed more like early September than October.

People heading out to lunch in Vancouver,BC Canada

People heading out to lunch in Vancouver,BC Canada

I love to walk around the downtown core of the city it gives me such a great feeling of energy.

Vancouver street food

Vij’s Railway express Vancouver BC, Canada

This day I was seeing all the wonderful food wagons with names like  Mangal’s curry to Moma’s grilled cheese. These places get regular inspections by the health department so you’re not likely to get Delhi belly or Montezuma’s revenge. I have experienced this in other cities and believe me it’s not nice.

Vancouver street food

Fast fresh and amazing Vancouver BC, Canada

I chose a crepe and I must say that it was delicious.

Vancouver, Canada street food

Cafe crepe

You can watch them making it for you.

Making the crepes

Making the crepe

I noticed something new since my last visit, the closing of a block of Robson street between Hornby and Howe by the Art Gallery for pedestrian only. Some huge pillow seats have been installed. Grab your street food or a book from nearby chapters and relax and watch the world go by. I love it.

Huge pillow seats

Huge pillow seats, Vancouver, Canada

Listen to some street musicians.

Street musician

Street musician in Vancouver Canada

Get some flowers.

Flower vender

Flower vendor Vancouver, Canada

Take a ride around town on a hop on hop off bus.

Tourist bus, Vancouver Canada

Tourist bus

I am pretty familiar with Vancouver so I skipped the bus. I had a delightful time and the street food in Vancouver was delicious with a good variety to choose from and a very inexpensive way to have lunch in an otherwise expensive city. I highly recommend street food in Vancouver.

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6 Responses to Street food in Vancouver, Canada

  1. I haven’t been to Vancouver in.. well, forever!! Thanks for reminding me!! It looks to have changed quite a bit!!


  2. pedmar10 says:

    Thanks for the pictures not been there in over 20 yrs but my univ girlfriend was from there lol!!!


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