Italy trip…building my strength and stamina

We are going on an Italy trip late this fall.

It seemed so far off but suddenly my departure date is almost here. The summer went so quickly and there is always so much to do.

There is no where in the world I would rather be than at my little cottage by the sea in the summer. We have fantastic weather right now with lots of sunshine, but later in the year it gets very wet and that’s when I look forward to travel.

sunset view from my cottage by the sea

sunset view from my cottage by the sea

I knew that I had to do something about my strength and stamina as we will be getting on and off the trains and I am a great believer in taking care of myself and my own luggage. Also I know that I will be doing a fare amount of walking. (Not easy when you are a bit physically challenged)

When it comes to exercise I am a procrastinator so of course I should have started my exercise program sooner. I always go on walks a few times a week and walk around the mall on the weekends. I recently added the 5 Tibetan rights to my routine but had to modify the number 4 as my arms are week and my wrist is still a little off from when I broke it a couple of years ago and I have vertigo. I am still only at three per move. I am going to add light arm exercises with a light weight today.

I went over on my ankle and sprained it when I was in Mexico this past winter and tore some tendons but the doctor said it should be better by the time I go. I went to physiotherapy for awhile and have included the suggested exercises for that. I was wearing improper foot wear going to Tango and just slipped off my shoe getting off the bus. It was such a simple thing to cause such a problem. I know I should be more careful.

I bought a pair of Mephisto mobile walking shoesfor this trip. I also wear gel pads, arch inserts and thick socks. I have Mephisto  mobile sandals that work for me in the summer so I thought I would give the same brand a try.

 My new Mephisto mobile walking shoes

My new Mephisto mobiles-walking shoes

I take lots of fish oil and vitamins including a vitamin called Vitality from Nu Skin. I have also been very careful of what I have been eating. I am munching on lots of blueberries, pineapple and cherries. I have been drinking green tea with honey and ginger. I have cut out the gluten and night shade vegetables and sprinkling turmeric on everything…all those things that help reduce inflammation.

My legs swell up like tree stumps when I fly long haul so I am looking at all the ways that I can deal with that problem also.

All these things to think about and my husband believes that it has nothing to do with aging or being a babyboomer. I have to agree with him that it is not about getting old it’s about health.

I intend to keep travelling for many years to come and so I have to stop procrastinating and start exercising more often and I am so looking forward to this Italy trip.

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4 Responses to Italy trip…building my strength and stamina

  1. I want to hear all about your trip on your return. especially how worked out! 🙂


  2. I will let you know all about the trip. I have high hopes for the shoes…it took me forever to choose them. I have been wearing them around on my walks and so far so good. I am going to spray them today for waterproofing.


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