I joined the scary world of face book.

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I finally took a huge leap into the frightening  face book world with a business page. I was a little apprehensive of giving up some of my privacy but it is too late to think about it now.

We old folks as my niece calls us guard our identity more than the younger generation.

I am not totally new to the scene. I have been using the face book for a personal profile for quite a while now, however; I never befriended very many people. I kept it mostly relatives and a few friends. Lots of friend requests I just left sitting and waiting and being ignored.

I used it mostly for messages until recently. I kept adding more privacy settings. What irony, here I was  in a social media application being downright antisocial.

Face book wants to join the people of the world into one social community and I think that they are succeeding. I heard on the news this morning that they expect to have 7 million active users this year and 175 million pages viewed.

Most of us baby boomers love the internet. A great many seniors are lonely and they spend many hours chatting with old friends that they find. Since socializing is good for health it can’t be bad thing, long as they protect their privacy .

It is funny because the younger people have maybe a thousand people or more as friends. I am sure they do not know more than a quarter or them and even then as mere acquaintances. I remember reading a statistic and it said if you take the average person and count friends of friends, exponentially, they may reach a number around 250.

They post all their personal comings and goings on the wall for all to see. Meet you for a movie at the Odeon at 8:00, leaving for vacation won’t be back until Friday or I  skipped school.  They even have their own language.

I took the full meal deal. I even opened twitter, I think I have gone mad!

I believe that the growing trend  is for business to have a strong on-line presence or they will be left behind.

I am very fortunate in that I build my website with Sbi and they have a great forum with lots of really nice people. We want to help each other become successful. I took a challenge and I know that I never would have moved this quickly on my own.


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I am an artist, that also loves to bake, cook, write, garden, decorate and take photos. I have dabbled in all kinds of crafts and business. My passion is travel; I travel and manage my websites. www.travel-tips-packing-luggage.com and nu-groovy.com "With direction in one hand and passion in the other, my hands are always full of possibilities." ~ unknown
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