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Eating healthy food is another step in changing your eating habits for the better. In a previous post I told you how I started by eliminating all junk food and anything with un-recognizable ingredients. If you have been following my suggestions then you have eliminated most of the junk. You probably had a bit of withdrawal symptoms. I know that I did.

I started by taking this next step. Only eat things like fresh fruit and vegetables. Eat small amounts of protein like lamb, turkey, cold water fish like salmon, eggs , oatmeal flax, olive oil, and walnuts. If you are new to fruits and vegetables you may experience some discomfort but hang in there it is worth it. Don’t eat too much raw fruit and vegetables to start with as your system has to get accustomed to it. I took enzymes and they really made a difference.

Cut things made with flour and dairy and you can try to add them back later if they don’t cause a problem for you. Foods containing gluten like most food made with flour caused inflammation for me so I think that it is a good idea to give these up until you start testing for sensitivity. Also most of the dairy in the grocery store have ingredients like emulsifiers.

Start out with fruit and vegetables like blueberries, pears, pineapple , broccoli, sweet potatoes, squashes, parsnips, carrots and garlic. These are tolerated by most. Cook or steam vegetables. Make stir fry’s and soup. Drink lots of water. Try to cut the portion size also.

I have heard people use the excuse that eating healthy cost more but I found the opposite to be true. There are always sales and local markets and cooking with less meat is really budget cooking. I just found local blueberries are in right now and on sale where I live as an example. Also there are lots of easy recipes as cooking this way is simple.

Healthier living is the only answer if I want to keep travelling as I age.

Remember to always check with your health care practitioner.

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2 Responses to Healthy food

  1. Sartenada says:

    Great post.

    In Finland people eat a lot of different berries such as blueberries, Cloudberries, cranberries, red currants, black currants, strawberries, raspberries. Many of these may be picked from forests freely. In Finland, we have the so-called. “Everyman’s right” to pick berries in the forests.


    • That sounds very nice. In Canada were I live we only have blackberries freely picked. Where I lived before in another part of Canada we had lots of variety free in the woods. In Mexico everything in the forest is free including mango’s bananas and coconut. I think in both places it depends on whether you are living in a city or country area. We also have share if you go and help someone pick apples, for example on their property you can have some for your effort. This works especially for seniors that have mobility issues but lots of fruit trees.


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