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I picked up a flu bug on the way home from Puerto Vallarta. I very rarely get the flu. I probably was a little careless or maybe it is just breathing that stale air on the plane. I have talked with others that have a similar bug. I try hard to take care of my health and I believe that is why my symptoms seem to be milder. I am still able to work and since I am fortunate enough to work from home, I won’t be sharing my illness with others.

This prompted me to start a new category under Health. A good part of the reason that I started this blog was to share my methods for improving health.
I have an autoimmune disorder. It is inflammatory, chronic, a type of Rheumatoid arthritis. I tell you this not to be whining but so that you know my background. I had a lot of other problems that were related to this. Through research reading and experimentation I went from almost giving up, thinking my life was over to enjoyment of life and hope for a good future.
The first step that anyone must take before they can move forward is to get as healthy as you can. While I was at my worst I was not able to enjoy travel. I did not see any reason to make business plans. When you can barely move, are in a lot of pain and are sleeping sitting up you have no ambition for the future.
If you are not as healthy as you should be, please let improvement of health, be your first step in making a great future for yourself.

“I still have bad days, but I used to have bad years”


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I am an artist, that also loves to bake, cook, write, garden, decorate and take photos. I have dabbled in all kinds of crafts and business. My passion is travel; I travel and manage my websites. and "With direction in one hand and passion in the other, my hands are always full of possibilities." ~ unknown
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2 Responses to Starting a health category

  1. Brandi says:

    Do you think that psychological will power had a strong impact on your road to recovering?
    Once you put your mind on the right track did you find your body fell in line?


    • Your body will not get healthier just by making this decision; however, it is necessary as a first step. When one changes their lifestyle it is never easy and it does not happen overnight. It took me many years and I was very persistent. It did take a lot of will power.

      Why for instance does someone keep smoking when they know it causes cancer and other problems or not loose weight when it has been proven in most cases to cure type 2 diabetes? Yes, one must have the will.


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