Take that first step to eliminating foods that cause inflammation.

I have been thinking about how to pass on my new-found knowledge about food and inflammation. I decided that the best way for anyone to use this information would be to change habits in baby steps.

This week I would like to introduce to you the idea of eliminating all foods that are known to cause inflammation that leads to many diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Anyone would benefit from the removal of these foods from your diet you do not have to have arthritis.

The following are some things that you should never eat again. Here are the no no foods. I will list some of them and you will get the picture it is impossible to list them all.


Beef unless it is organic

Fatty meats hydrogenated vegetable oil, margarine.

Processed foods like pre cooked, packaged bake goods, meats such as luncheon meats, smoked, sausages, meats with nitrates

Most fast foods

Never eat anything that has these ingredients in them: Chemicals, preservatives, additives, MSG, sulphites, or artificial sweeteners.

This second group is a list of stress foods that you may be able to add back in a week or two in moderation once in a while.

See how you feel after eliminating them and then how you feel after introducing them again one at a time.

Coffee, cocoa

Beer, wine, liquor

White flour

Black tea

White rice


These foods trouble some people more than others. For some this type of food may have to be eliminated for ever just like the first list as it is the very food that gives inflammation to them.

I would also like to say that it would be wonderful if you never ate food from the second list again, however; that would be foolish to believe that was going to happen. Yes, some people feel so much better that they will never return the bad habits but there are just as many who abandon the good habits and go right back to there previous old bad ones. Most are like me and partake of some stress foods in the second group from time to time but in general follow the new dietary guidelines.

Remember if you are addicted to say coffee for instance take it easy and just try to reduce it down to 1 or two cups a day.

I suggest for a month give up all of these foods and see if you do not feel much better. Good for you if you can stay with it forever. If you are not the type that can stick with this flawlessly forever then like me consume some of the second group once in a while. It is better to do this than deny yourself and then give up completely. That way you always know that you can have a dessert or a glass of wine etc if you want to.

Next month I will give you another step to take.

As always check with your healthcare practitioner when you use any of these ideas that I am sharing.

P.S. I have a confession to make I have tacos al pastor in Mexico once a year in a small quantity. It is a pork dish…we all have our weakness. Don’t let yours stop you from doing the best you can.


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